-Specialty coffee shop in Canton


APF. KAFE's selection of coffee beans are from SEVEN SEEDS, a specialty coffee roaster based in Melbourne, Australia. Our espresso-based drinks only come in black and white, forgoing any complicated names or coffee styles, so that consumers can focus on the coffee itself. Our menu is a representation of our minimal, less is more brand philosophy.


目前APF.KAFE 店中所选用的咖啡豆皆来自澳大利亚墨尔本精品咖啡品牌Seven Seeds,确保品质最优,而意式咖啡仅有黑、白两类可选,希望略去复杂的品名,让消费者专注于咖啡风格本身,亦诠释出删繁就简、少即是多的品牌哲学。