-Specialty coffee shop in Canton


APF KAFE is the coffee concept cafe of Atelier Peter Fong. 

Combining artisanal café culture with a collaborative co-working space, Atelier Peter Fong adapts a contemporary social model to a local Chinese neighborhood. The complete transformation of a forgotten site into a destination demonstrates how architectural interventions can activate the streetscape and enhance nearby communities.

It currently functions as a co-working space and is also office of the Atelier Peter Fong group.


APF KAFE是Atelier Peter Fong的咖啡概念咖啡馆。

手工咖啡文化与合作共同工作的空间相结合,工作室彼得方面将当代社会模式与当地英语社区相结合。 将遗忘遗址完整转化为目的地,了解干预措施如何激活街景,增强邻近社区。